Best Shop Vacuum 2020 Reviewed

If your house is usually in big messes due to toddlers, pets or for some reasons then you definitely can’t manage without a reliable shop vacuum.

In this article, I have reviewed the best shop vacuum for both home and commercial purposes.

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I consider a shop vacuum to be more aggressive than a regular vacuum cleaner since it sucks up pretty much everything that’s on the floor.

Essentially, shop vacuums will pick pieces of broken glass plus liquid mess on the floor, scattered screws or nails on your workshop floor and blow leaves and debris in your backyard.

They are hands-on units that simply guarantee results.

Here are the best shop vacuums in the market currently.

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Best Shop Vacuum

1. Best Overall: Shop Vac 5979403

Shop vacuum company has been around for over 65 years now and has produced dozens of shop units since then. The Shop-Vac 5979403 comes first in my list as its super versatile and can suck up debris, liquid spills, nails or screws, and blow leaves around your house efficiently.

Shop Vac 5979403 Check Today’s Price

If you need a vacuum to handle debris in your garage, basement, woodwork shop or commercial space, the Shop-vac 5979403 got you covered.

In addition, this unit comes with 8 gallons of dirt bin, big enough to hold both water and debris for longer vacuuming sessions.

To boost its performance, it’s engineered with 6.0 horsepower motor which gives this beast that strong suction.

It’s equipped with a cartridge filter and foam filter. The cartridge filters are designed to trap all your dry debris while the foam filters handle liquid messes.

  • Excellent suction power
  • Extra attachments
  • Rotates in 360 degrees
  • Large gallon to hold debris
  • Portable
  • Short hose
  • Manual is not user friendly

2. Best for Budget: Craftsman 12004

The Craftman units have dominated the American domiciliary since the early 1920s. The 12004 cleaner emerges from the Craftman long list of tools. This unit is simply designed for people who need a small shop vacuum yet more powerful than a regular upright unit.

Craftsman 12004 Check Today’s Price

Unlike most of the shop vacuum that has around 5horsepower (HP), the Cratman 12004 has 3 HP which is enough to suck all household messes.

In addition, the shop vac comes with a durable 6-gallon polypropylene dirt tank that big enough to allow you to manage those long vacuuming sessions.

On top of powerful suction and large collection tank, this shop vacuum has a super long hose and two wands that can flex for more than 17 feet.

One downside I noticed about the Craftman 12004 is it’s quite loud; clocking at 96dB, the sound is louder compared to other shop units.

It’s fitted out with a foam sleeve filter for wet vacuuming and a cartridge to manage all the dry debris.

  • Very affordable
  • Excellent suction power
  • Portable
  • Long hose and two extension wand (17 feet)
  • Quit loud (96dB)

3. Best for Limited Storage: Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro 2306A

The Bissel Crosswave is a shop vacuum designed for people with small spaces to store their vacuum yet need a strong machine to suck up dirt in their house. The Pet Pro exerts a suction power between 100-150 air watts which sucks up those heavy to lift debris including pet hair.

Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro 2306A Check Today’s Price

As a result, the brush roll attains 3000 rpm to give that agitated scrub on rugs, carpets or other surfaces.

The Pet Pro 2306A comes with two separate tanks.

One tank holds 28 ounces of clean water for cleaning solution and the other one can hold up to 14.5 ounces of dirty water that has been sucked up.

It’s equipped with a washable filter that traps the sucked dirt debris from escaping the vacuum.

Depending on the model you buy, it comes with extra accessories like extra-surface tangle-free brush roll, 2 wooden floor brush roll and so on.

The Bissell Crosswave is easy to disassemble making it simple to maintain.

However, it’s good to note that this unit is not the type you’ll want to use on your cluttered garage or major construction projects.

It’s not designed to combat intense vacuuming that a commercial shop vac can handle.

  • Small-sized thus easy to store
  • Large storage
  • Excellent performance on all surfaces
  • Has extra attachments
  • No HEPA filter

4. Best for Commercial use: Vacmaster VJH1612PF Beast

The Vacmaster Beast just like its name suggests is a wet/dry vacuum with a prolific suction crafted to tackle serious messes around your job site, construction site or garage.

Vacmaster VJH1612PF Beast Check Today’s Price

It features exemplary airflow to support an attachment blower when it’s boosted up to 240 mph.

Vacmaster engineered this unit’s motor with immense torque that’s why professionals love it.

Moreover, an on-board hose set of accessories and the power cord that fit well on this shop vacuum makes it easy to store.

The VJH1612PF Beast stretches up to 28 feet which enhances maneuverability. The stretch is a combination of 7 ft Hose, 18ft power cord, and two 18 ft extension wands.

Also, it comes with a 16-gallon collection tank, large enough to handle big chunks of debris and liquid messes.

It can be quickly converted to a blower for handling sites that need a blower.

On top of that, a good number of its users claim that the muffler installed in this shop vac makes it serene when cleaning.

The bottom line, this shop vacuum is an ideal pick for heavy tasks like garages or construction sites.

  • Excellent suction power
  • Portable
  • Long-distance cleaning allowance
  • Extra useful attachments
  • Large collection tank
  • No HEPA filter

5. Best for Home use: Shop Vac 9633400 12 Gallon

A shop vac designed for home use should be able to out-shine the regular upright or canister in performance. Basically, it ought to suck up all kinds of mess such as liquid, large food crumbles, debris, or even snow.

Check Today’s Price

Shop-vac 9633400 simply guarantees you tremendous results as far as household vacuuming is concerned.

Even the balkier debris cannot match the 6.5 HP motor in this kid.

It’s powerful enough to suck all kinds of dirt or liquid spill not only on your house floor but outdoors surface as well.

The manufactures crafted a small body which makes it suitable for home use.

They kept the attachment rack sleek to meet the small body design and for easy pulling the unit around when vacuuming your home.

You get a 12-gallon collection tank which you’ll agree with me it will take long vacuuming sessions before it gets packed.

The 9633400 is equipped with two types of filters. A cartridge design filter and foam filter to handle debris particles and water messes respectively.

  • Super powerful motor
  • Excellent suction power
  • Long hose for extra reach
  • Quit heavy
  • No HEPA filters

6. Best lightweight: Ridgid Portable 50313 4000RV

The Rigid Portable kicks in with a 5.0- peak horsepower motor installed inside the small-sized body to allow it access squeezed spots and easy to move around. You’ll note the small body and the lightweight feature are all composed in one sleek body design flanked with a 20-foot power cord and a long hose for extensive reach.

Ridgid Portable 50313 4000RV Check Today’s Price

It has large rear wheels and casters for easy mobility on rough terrains like fluffy carpets or rough surfaces.

The accessory storage caddy houses the attachments in an organized state for easy access.

Due to its size and various cleaning tools, the Ridgid 50313 is an ideal pick to clean cars interiors efficiently

You get a 4-gallon collection tank which is relatively enough considering its size.

It has ‘Qwik Lock’ a filter fastening system that makes installing and removing the filters a piece of cake.

  • Portable and lightweight (14.5lbs)
  • Strong suction power
  • Long cord (20ft)
  • Versatile
  • Has few accessories

7. Best Multipurpose: Ridgid WD 1450

The Ridgid WD 1450 wet/dry vacuum is a 14-gallon cleaner engineered with an outstanding performance and advanced design ready to take over the shop vac market.

Ridgid WD 1450 Check Today’s Price

It’s a multipurpose cleaner designed with a tremendous quiet motor that reaches a 6.0-peak horsepower.

It’s armed with various attachment tools that are neatly fitted on the shop tank. Also, the hose can be converted to a blower supposed you need to get rid of leaves and other debris around your compound.

The WD 1450 is fitted with 360-degree wheels that allow the user to turn in any direction with ease while vacuuming.

Still, the power stretches up to 20 feet and the hose expands to 7ft which offers you 27 feet reach to access ceilings and any hard to reach areas.

Also, this unit comes with two separate filters for wet and dry purification purposes. Once done vacuuming, you can remove the cartridge filter and clean it.

  • Super versatile
  • Great suction power
  • Large collection tank
  • Has extra accessories for household/Car
  • Quite heavy (25pounds)

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What you should Know About Shop Vacs

For most of the regular household chore, you only need a shop vac with a 3.5 to 5.0 max horsepower motor. The suction power generated in that range is strong enough to suck water and large chunk of debris on any surface.

You’ll note some wet/dry cleaners model will indicate the power consumption as amperage (amp) in short. Essentially, the higher the amps it takes to power the motor, the greater the energy generated

How does a Shop vacuum differ from a Regular vacuum?

In normal circumstances, I won’t recommend swapping your regular cleaner to a shop vac.

The reason I’m saying this is because a good number of wet/dry vacuums are not equipped with a HEPA filter. Suppose there is one then you’ll have to buy it separately.

Another reason is wet/dry vac is designed to handle both water messes so it doesn’t have a motorized brush which makes it less efficient as a regular vacuum

Also, most shop vacuums are crafted to manage heavy-duty tasks like garage and construction sites where there is enough open space for easy storage.

Who Should Use a Shop vacuum?

To be frank, any homeowner should enjoy owning a shop vacuum. As much as the power level generated a shop vac can ruin your wooden floor it can solve basic mess around the floor too.

If you have children or pets for that matter then you’ll appreciate the presence of a shop vacuum around your home.

Do Shop vac materials matter?

A lot of the users prefer plastic over metal vacuums for simple two major reasons; the plastic cannot rust and lighter so they won’t make the unit bulky.

How Efficient is the Shop vac Blower Feature?

Most of the shop vacuum comes with an exhaust end that is clipped onto the hose for blowing purposes.

Frankly speaking, the force produced cannot be compared to a machine designed to blow leaves and other debris. But don’t just assume the performance that a wet/dry unit can pull, basically manages most of the tasks.


I hope this review has shined on you some light and got to closer to your ideal shop vacuum.

If you carefully factor into these outlined vacuum features then you ought to easily settle for one of the reviewed shop vacs in this article.

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